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We thrive on communication at HPG! Whether you are a client, a prospect, an industry professional, a career-seeker or are someone that is just fascinated by what we do we, want to hear from you. In this dynamic world the Hospitality Performance Group believes that all information is good information.

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HPG Speaking Engagements

Upbeat, Informative, and Interactive

We love what we do and we love to talk about it at the Hospitality Performance Group! If we are not with clients or in our offices working on solutions we are out talking to groups of 2 to 2,000 about travel and hospitality distribution, electronic marketing and revenue management. We’ve got some smart people who are not shy when it comes to talking about what we do best and in some measure we truly believe we are helping not only our clients but the industry.

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Case Study | Caribe Cove Resort

Caribe Cove Resort

Kissimmee, Florida


HPG helps new property with limited amenities consistently beat the competitive Disney area market by double-digit percentage points.

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