Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is not “smoke and mirrors” or some mystical form of wizardry! Now many designers, developers and even search marketers may want you to believe that but the fact is search engine marketing is a science. And being a science SEM has established best practices and provides empirical data as to how well your web site is performing when marketed for search.

The problem with search engine marketing is the rules keep changing. You’ve certainly heard the terms Web 2.0, Web 3.0, “long-tail” and now Web 4.0. The Googles of the world utilize a number of ever-changing indexing and ranking algorithms to basically determine the best and most relevant web sites. The algorithm updates are intentional and are performed frequently to keep webmasters and search engine technicians from “gaming” the system. To perform search engine marketing effectively, and it should be done consistently for the long-haul, Internet marketing companies must stay in tune daily to recognize algorithm changes – as does the Hospitality Performance Group.

The definitions of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are largely confused, even by those within the industry. In short, SEM is a form of Internet marketing that provides search positioning in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid placement and inclusion, contextual advertising and yes, SEO. Search engine optimization is a process for driving web site traffic through “organic” or algorithmic manipulation of keywords and phrases within site content, graphics and other media.

HPG strongly believes in maintaining balance and staying relevant with search engine marketing. This balance of paid search, paid inclusion, guerilla marketing, organic search and now social networking is typically determined by the age of your web site, search activity within your competitive set and the objectives you have set for the productivity of your web site. The Hospitality Performance Group also believes this is best managed by a single vendor for effective budget management and campaign consistency.

One million web pages are “launched” every day. This unto itself makes a solid search engine marketing campaign a necessity for competing on the Internet. What’s more, the travel and hospitality industries are among the most competitive and in locations such as Orlando (where HPG is!), Las Vegas and New York, the battle for search visibility is fierce. After all, 20-50% of hotel and resort revenue is generated via the Internet and search visibility is the key driver. Given what is at stake, why would you trust your operation’s profit and loss statement to anyone but the best in search engine marketing – the Hospitality Performance Group.

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