Web Site Development

Please take a good look at your current web site. Based on what you see, would you select your property for your next business meeting or family vacation? Ask a few friends what they think. Does your web site mirror the themes, amenities, services and physical plant of your operation? Does your web site content and graphics convince you that yours’ is the best property in your comp set? More often than not when we ask that question of HPG prospects the answer is NO, and that’s a problem.

An equally difficult problem, even with web sites that look great is, “does it work?” Your web site is a marketing, advertising and merchandising vehicle that has a purpose – to create revenue. Right? In order to create revenue your site must have high look-to-view and look-to-book ratios driven by logical navigation, strong calls-to-action and easy commerce mechanisms for site visitors. HPG web sites are built with a focus on usability and the “end-game” – creating revenue.

Another issue is “search-ability”. The Google’s and Yahoo’s of the world don’t like every web site. In fact, only 20% of web pages are indexed. There are a number of reasons why 80% of pages are not indexed with web site construction being the main reason even attractive sites languish in obscurity on the Internet. A web site that is invisible to the search engines is largely useless for conducting e-commerce.

How to build a searchable web site is not a secret; the search engines tell us how. The issue is that many web designers and developers either don’t know the rules or chose not to play by them. At the Hospitality Performance Group we think this is plain silly. When you contract us to build your web site it will be developed with revenue generation in mind and in order to create dollars your site must be highly visible to the search engines.

Designing and developing a web site is a long-term investment. A well-built site should serve your operation well for three to five years enabling you to capitalize the investment. Make it a sound investment with HPG and we will create a site for you that is highly searchable, generates revenue and positions your property as the finest in your marketplace.