Distribution Management

Once upon a time there was a few simple ways for guests to find and reserve a hotel or resort. They could walk in, call, contact a travel agent or ask a friend where to stay. Starting in the early 80’s this all began to change with the GDS and through the 90’s and the new millennium new systems for booking and later searching for travel and hospitality operations began sprouting up like a Kansas cornfield. Some became successful while most did not and today hospitality operators must deal with a complex worldwide distribution system that still mystifies many seasoned pros.

The Hospitality Performance Group believes in pervasive distribution. We, and our clients agree that “more is better” in channel visibility with one caveat; the distribution channel must be relevant to an operation’s guest demographics and it must be productive. After all, why invest time and money in channels your guests do not use?

Solid distribution management involves a number of processes and considers the many nuances of the various distribution channels. HPG will supply you with the channel management tools and connectivity to effectively manage your inventory and rates across the distribution landscape. We will also help you manage top-line profitability; an infrequently considered issue with distribution. Each channel brings a cost of doing business by way of commissions, margins, transaction and pass-through fees and extraneous marketing costs. The Hospitality Performance Group will help you develop and maintain a distribution strategy that is optimally visible and profitable – from top to bottom line.