IDS Proprietary

Remember the Hotel Travel Index? For younger hospitality professionals the HTI was a very fat annual publication of the world’s hotels and resorts. When it was not being used as a resource for travel professionals it doubled as a door-stop and booster seat in that it was about 10 inches thick and required two travel agents to lift from desk to desk! Though it served its purpose at the time the HTI was cumbersome and in some measure unfair. Larger operators could afford the 10’s of thousands of dollars to buy display adds while smaller operators were relegated to listings and crowded group ad pages.

The Internet has “leveled the playing field” for operations of all sizes and in all markets – you just need to get into the game. A smaller independent property with a quality web site and solid online marketing program can effectively compete with a much larger operation and even the major brand sites. However, you must invest appropriately and you need an electronic commerce vendor with the experience to guide you through the many complications of a proprietary Internet Distribution System (IDS). You would do very well by selecting the Hospitality Performance Group!

HPG is a comprehensive provider of Internet Distribution Service technology and marketing. The process starts by identifying your guest demographics, comp-set and positioning. HPG then creates a highly-searchable web site that drives your operation’s value proposition to site visitors – your potential guests. HPG will integrate an online booking engine to capture bookings and will provide the recurrent search engine marketing to ensure your web site’s visibility to the 80% of potential guests that use search to find accommodations in their selected destination.

Not unlike your operation’s investment in a group sales department or print and broadcasting ads to drive transient and group call-in business, your investment in the IDS will determine your success. A quality web site with no marketing support will languish in Internet anonymity. A poor web site and weak merchandising that is well marketed will not convert booking business.

Today independent property web sites (and for that matter a number of free-standing branded property sites) generate in excess of 20-40% of room sales. This is $2-$4,000,000 in an operation that produces $10,000,000 annually. Comparatively, is it logical to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a group sales team that produces the same 20-40% and only $10-$20,000 of a proprietary web site and booking engine? Similarly, spending $50,000 on a chandelier or pool furniture and not expecting to invest the same amount on a highly productive web site and marketing program seems incongruous at best.

Building and maintaining a highly-productive, scalable and pervasively visible proprietary Internet distribution system is a sound investment. And doing so will not require you to re-finance your property – when you work with the Hospitality Performance Group. Our clients are now realizing, as many are the leaders in their markets, a minimum 10:1 return on investment from theirs’. HPG can help you get into the game – not just to play but to win!