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Upon receipt of the initial Construction investment, HPG programmers begin to “bend code” to deliver the site as documented in the Conception phase. They will flesh out design details and work with you through the HPG project manager to address any design issues that arise. This is usually the longest phase of the project, but at the end you will have a working site in a test location for your review.

Again, using the building metaphor this is where the general contractor builds the building designed by the architect. In the perfect world of the paper things may look great, but in the real world sometimes corrections need to be made. Perhaps the programmer has found something that will allow the implementation of an expensive feature that was dropped from scope for much less. We will bring this to your attention and let you decide if you would like the feature implemented.

Specific deliverables from the Construction phase include:

  • Working web site on test server. The output of the programmers’ hard work has been through our quality assurance process to ensure the site meets the design and requirements outlined in the Conception phase. We require our HPG project managers to sign their name to each site being delivered before your final review as an indication that they have reviewed and approved of the quality of the site.
  • Finalized documentation for site features. Throughout the construction of the site features may have had to evolve from the documentation originally provided as the output of the Conception phase.
  • Installation, Administration, and User Manuals as appropriate. If your team will be installing, administering, or using the site, HPG will provide you with the necessary manuals to help you do your job. Many static web sites do not require manuals beyond any help already provided within the site. In these cases no manuals would be provided.
  • Completion phase investment based on constructed site. A document outlining the required investment to make the site live on the Internet and the proposed investment to maintain the site in an ongoing basis.

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