4 C's of Successful Web Site Construction

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Our Proven, Yet Flexible Methodology for Web Site Construction

HPG follows the 4 "C"s of a successful web site:

  • Conception
  • Construction
  • Completion
  • Customers

Recognizing that a web site is able to-and in fact should-evolve over time, we don't try to nail you to a hard and fast scope at the beginning of the project, then nickel and dime you through change requests. We provide an overall ballpark investment of what we expect a solution similar to yours would take, and then refine it throughout the engagement at natural intervals. You are provided with real, usable deliverables and the required investment for the next step as the output of each step in the process. We can then discuss the required investment as it pertains to overall budget and work together to determine the most appropriate course of action for your success.

On the following pages we will examine each of the steps of the process in more detail.


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