Our Company

The Hospitality Performance Group (HPG) is an Internet marketing and distribution management agency that utilizes today’s technologies and tomorrow’s vision to provide optimal results for our clients within the hospitality industries.  Based in Orlando, Florida HPG has grown from providing outstanding results for our clients within the world’s most competitive hospitality market to a global resource for hotels, resorts, property management companies and branded operations.

Who we are is in our name – The Hospitality Performance Group.

Hospitality – HPG’s singular industry focus is the hospitality industry.  HPG brings decades of property and corporate level hospitality experience to the equation when developing and managing your distribution and Internet marketing solutions.  This intimate understanding of front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations enables HPG to produce solutions that are viable for your operation and the goals you have set for optimal performance within the distribution landscape.

Performance – HPG produces quantifiable results.  Our one focus in working with your operation is to provide the greatest possible levels of performance quantified against your goals with detailed measurements in every aspect of our work.  We expect our clients to hold HPG accountable to the performance metrics determined in our initial and recurrent consultation periods.  In turn HPG maintains a similar level of accountability with our clients as optimal performance requires client-vendor teamwork.      

Group – HPG’s “group” originates with the highly talented and broadly experienced team that is the Hospitality Performance Group.  HPG is also a network of the hospitality industry’s finest marketing, distribution and technology companies including SynXis, Travelocity, ICE Portal, CIBER, EZ Yield, Micros and numerous others.  Our intent in working with our clients is to provide the most comprehensive solution sets delivered by best of breed providers to enable optimal performance.

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