Our Pledge

The Hospitality Performance Group’s pledge to our clients, prospects and the industry in which we work may be trite, but it is true… “Treat others as HPG wishes to be treated”. Our “golden rule” involves Integrity, Character and Fairness in our dealings with you and with ourselves.

With HPG the client is number one – period. Sure, most companies will tell you they operate similarly and they may; until they get your first payment or complete an initial project. At HPG we are smart enough to realize that maintaining the confidence of a current client is much less costly than finding a new one. With this we will treat you as though you were our only client, if not the last available client on earth!

Finally, HPG’s company culture involves treating every member of our team with the same respect with which we treat our clients. After all, if the core of the apple is rotten how can the rest of the fruit be fresh and edible? Many companies do not treat their teams well yet expect them to treat clients and prospects with paradoxical integrity and fairness (we’ve all worked for a few!). To HPG, this is just incongruous if not plain deceitful.

The HPG team created an internal code or credo if you wish that outlines how we work together each and every day. We are pleased to publish it and we’d be flattered if your operation “stole” a thought or two from our list.

  • Be true… Period.
  • Priority #1 – Our Clients
  • Act like an owner
  • Give 100% on the Job
  • Really enjoy your downtime
  • Collaborate & make it better
  • Document your work
  • Opinions & feeling matter
  • Make mistakes – Once
  • Take a risk… It’s o.k.
  • Confidence and humility
  • Learn every day
  • Lighten up & have some fun

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