Our People

We are very fortunate to have some great people at HPG. Our team is talented, committed and client-focused – and they love what they do! We also think our team is pretty creative and rather smart but that is for you to judge. When you work with HPG you get the entire team, not just one or two people that do not intimately understand your needs and the plan for reaching your goals. With HPG you have access to an entire team of the industry’s “best and brightest” and we believe this is just one of the defining reasons why the Hospitality Performance Group is your best choice for a long-term provider.

The Hospitality Performance Group is a service-oriented company serving a service-oriented industry – hospitality. With this it is imperative that HPG maintains an unrelenting focus on performance and client satisfaction; and we do. To be consistent in this area requires effective processes and outstanding people.

HPG is a “hand selected” group of top hospitality, marketing and technology professionals. Every member of the team, including senior management is rigorously vetted prior to joining HPG to ensure they bring not only superior talent but the customer service ethic that is at the core of the company’s mission for our clients. Let HPG show you how technology and service can finally work together for your operation!

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