Our Vision

Single Resource for Distribution Management, Internet Marketing, and More...

HPG’s vision is to become your company’s single resource for distribution management, Internet marketing and a variety of complementary services and applications.  We believe HPG can create a synergy between multiple providers for your operation that will help you more effectively develop and manage optimally productive solutions.

Prior to HPG, travel and hospitality operations were relegated to “rounding-up” various--and at times untested--providers to create seamless distribution and marketing solutions.  Rather than planning for and executing a holistic solution each provider would deliver incremental services that were not in sync with others.  Often this left travel and hospitality executives a disjointed solution architecture that was more costly, less productive and very difficult to manage.  HPG has changed this paradigm forever!

Our vision is to be your tried and true provider for solutions that optimize your operation’s Visibility, Productivity and Profitability.  With our partners representing the finest companies within their disciplines we are confident the Hospitality Performance Group can generate the solutions and the results you envision.


Visibility, Productivity and Profitability…  The Hospitality Performance Group’s 3 Pillars for success are critical to every hospitality operation’s distribution strategy.  The 3 Pillars create a foundation for driving exposure, revenue and the bottom line and provide a platform for growth and evolution with the ever-changing distribution landscape.  Regardless of the distribution channel, the basic tenets of Visibility, Productivity and Profitability are constant while the incremental practices vary depending upon the channel.

Visibility is exposure within a complex distribution system.  It is simply not enough to be listed within the GDS and to have a web site on the Internet.  Being on page 23 of Expedia or lost within your local CVB site is not a productive position as well.

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